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We are located on Beach No. 3, Havelock, A&N - a less than 10 minute walk from Village No. 3 and a short taxi ride from the Havelock jetty.

If you have any questions, or would like to making a booking, please email us at: info@islandvinnie.com

We have made a choice of answering all emails and calls personally, as we feel we can provide better answers this way than some guy sitting in an office somewhere and besides, a personal touch is what we are trying to provide.

But this comes with a catch (doesnt it, always?), and that is with some limits on what we can do over the phone. We do not take bookings over the phone, we do not provide binding quotes on the phone and most likely, we are not going to be able to give you availability information on the phone either (we dont have a reservations office, and are not likely to be on a computer when you call). As such email, is the best way to contact us.

Also, please note that our rates are the same as on the website, regardless of whether you phone or email - in fact, we use the same price list here to come up with your quote.

We request that you please keep in mind the fact that we are often busy with other things, and take a moment to read through the information that we have on this website, especially the FAQs and information on Planning Your Trip.

Please also make sure you have read our Terms and Conditions. Making a booking implies acceptance of these T&Cs.

In case you need urgent assistance or have a trip coming up in a short while, you can call the resort on +91.8001122205 (between 10am and 5pm). Dhanajay or Stephen, who will answer those phones, can help with last-minute logistics but will not be able to provide rates/availability info or take bookings for more than a few days in advance.

You can also contact our scuba instructors on +91.8001222206 (mobile) - again, this is just for any questions you may have about diving: the instructors cannot take booking or give you availability information for diving except for a few days in advance.

Please note that phone conversations, etc can be misunderstood or forgotten - in the event of a conflict, our email quotes and published rates take priority (in that order).

While we areh happy to answer any logistics or other questions you have on the phone, poor connectivity in the Andamans means that email is often a faster/more efficienct option.

Lastly, in this day and age of body part enlargement, low priced software, pharmaceuticals and assorted grieving widows from Cote d' Ivore dying to share $30 million with you, it is quite possible that an over-zealous spam filter may either block your email to us or our reply to you.

So do add info@islandvinnie.com to your Address book, and if you have do not get an automated immediate response to your email, or have not heard from us in a couple of days, check your junk filter or email us again, CCing diveindia@yahoo.com as well. You can rest assured that if we find $30 million or a secret way of enlarging various body parts, we'll be too busy enjoying ourselves to spam you.

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