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The Open Water card is only a starting point - call it a learner's permit, if you will. Additional courses provide a quicker way to improve your diving skills, gain experience while accompanied by an instructor and refine the skills learned in open water. Have more experience and want something more challenging? Try our Tech Fundamentals course - which contains all the training you'll ever need for recreational diving, and which lays the foundation for taking up tech diving training.

We offer a full range of continuing education courses and specialty courses for divers of all abilities, interests and skill levels.


PADI Advanced Open Water/NAUI Advanced Opn Water: For recent Open Water divers, we recommend the PADI Advanced Open Water course. This consists of 5 adventure dives, such as deep, wreck, nitrox, navigation and more. Each of these gives you experience in diving under different conitions, and increases not only your knowledge but also your dive skills. Advanced Open Water divers generally have significantly more refined dive skills, ability to handle. This program is ideal for recent open water divers, as it lets them complete a few more dives under instructor supervision, gain new experience and be qualified to dive up to 30m.


PADI Rescue Diver: The one course we always recommend to everyone is the PADI Rescue Diver, which also includes general CPR and first aid training. Surveys have shown that divers find this to be one of the most rewarding courses, as it represents an important step forward in their evolution as a diver: going from being responsible just for themselves to learning how to take care of others. Even beginner divers will find that learning more about dive safety and problem solving greatly increases their confidence and readiness to handle any problems that may arise while diving.


Underwater Naturalist: National parks typically have 20-30 species of mammals. Birders are thrilled to visit an area with a 100+ species. Divers in the Andamans are spoiled - with over 850 species of fish, with quite a few endemic variants, this is a nature-lover's delight. Yet, just as some people only fixate on lions and tigers while on safari, divers (ourselves included) are often guily of only wanting to see sharks and mantas while diving. Our naturalist course guides you through the process of getting a deeper understanding of the marine environment, so that you begin to appreciate all the subtle wonders of the underwater world.

Deep Specialty: Typically, deeper sites tend to have more pelagic fish (such as sharks), and different species of coral. A lot of interesting wrecks are also found deeper, as deep water increases the life of the wreck. However, safe deep diving requires special techniques and equipment, as well as increased knowledge and problem-solving capabilities. Our Deep Spec course prepares you to safely dive up to depths of 40m, based on techniques used by technical divers and adapted to recreational diving.

Wreck Specialty: Wreck diving is the most challenging form of diving, requiring pinpoint buoyancy control, a calm head and discipline. In this course, you learn everything from how to research and find wrecks, to safely exploring the outside of the wreck, to preparing for safe wreck penetration.

Nitrox Specialty: This specialty teaches you how to safely dive with oxygen-rix mixes, up to 40% oxygen. Higher oxygen content allows you to stay longer at a given depth by reducing the amount of nitrogen your body absorbs. This course is also the first course for anyone interested in getting into tech diving.

Other Specialties: We also offer specialties in Night Diving, Boat Diving, Drift Diving, Search and Recovery, Underwater Navigation, Underwater Photography and more. Email if you are interested in anything specific.

Tech Fundamentals Combo: If you are serious about improving your diving skills, this is the course for you. This combination consists of 8 dives and 3 specialties: Deep, Wreck and Nitrox. However, there is a lot more to it than just that. We will refine your weighting to perfect both buoyancy and trim (not aware of trim and why it is vital? Our point exactly). We will teach you techniques used in tech diving, ranging from running reels, to planing dives, to shooting lift-bags to pinpoint buoyancy and controlled kicking techniques. You'll learn more details about decompression theory (including how it applies for every dive that you do) and diving safety, including an introduction to DIR (Dive It Right) fundamentals. This course packs a lot of learning, but at the end of it, you'll emerge with a deeper knowledge of diving than most dive professionals. Even if you don't plan to do any technical diving, it is worth taking the course as the skills taught herein will greatly enhance your ability to perform more challenging recreational dives. This course is taught by an instructor with hundreds of technical and col-water wreck dives (down to as deep as 94m).

Interested in other combinations of these specialties? Do email us and we'll be happy to put together a special package for you.

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