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Ever wanted to fly? Diving is the closest thing there is to flying - the feeling of weightlessness, of effortly gliding up and down through the water, while surrounded by brilliantly colored fish and corals is something that simply has no comparison. Words cannot describe it - you have to try it to understand it, and once you try it, odds are that you will be hooked.

The PADI Open Water course is the entry-level certification course and the most popular among people wanting to learn diving. There are 3 components to an Open Water course:
- Academic development: a combination of videos, books and instructor briefings
- Confined water training: shallow water training where you learn the essential scuba skills
- Open water training: 4-5 actual dives on various reefs (4 for PADI and SSI, 5 for NAUI), where you apply what you have learned

Typically, it takes 4 days to complete the course - since we don't hurry people but let them take their own time, the actual time taken will depend to a large extent upon you. During this course, you learn about diving theory, spend lots of time in shallow water mastering diving skills and then put everything together to enjoy 4-5 long dives in the ocean . At the end of the program, you receive a certification card which enables you to dive anywhere in the world.

There are many places where you can learn to dive. What sets us apart is that we take our education seriously - it isn't simply a matter of going through the motions and giving you a card at the end. We want you to have fun, and we want you to be a safe diver (and, truth be told, we want to continue receiving compliments from other dive schools on how good our student divers are in the water - call it professional pride). So you won't be hurried, you won't be charged extra if you choose to take more time and you will get 4 full dives at same reefs where we go with our fun dives, subject to safety and conditions. And you will be in small groups of typically no more than 4-5 students per instructor - quite a far cry from the groups of 8-12 students that are typical in the big dive factories elsewhere in the world.

The first step can make a big difference in developing your attitude to diving. We love diving, and when the course is over, you will too!

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