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At Island Vinnie's, we are willing to tolerate the belief that there may more to life than a hammock and diving. Here is a list of some of the other things you can do in Havelock (some through us, and some through a third-party operator). Unless otherwise noted, most of these can be booked when you are here:

Snorkeling trips:

If you want to take a day off diving, consider a half or full day snorkeling trip. Visit the best reefs of the Havelock area in the company of a dive professional who can help you identify what you see, and also give you tips on improving your snorkeling and skin diving capabilities.

While we no longer offer snorkeling-specific boat trips (you can join a dive boat going to a snorkeling site on a space-available basis, but we cannot take advance bookings for this), they are easy enough to arrange in Havelock and we can help you with it, if need be.

We also offer kayaking+snorkeling trips. See the kayaking section below for more info.

Mangrove cruises :
Take a trip back into time. Join our kayaking pro and go exploring the narrow mangrove waterways. With luck, you may even spot one of the rare salt-water crocodiles that are known to inhabit the area.
Kayaking lessons:
Go on a mangrove trip. Combine kayaking with snorkeling. Or simply go out for a short spin in the lagoon in front of the resort. Tanaz, our kayaking pro, can help arrange all of this for you. Call her on +919933269653 for more info. Trips start from Rs 1500 per person, depending on what type of trip you are doing (snorkeling, mangrove cruise or just kayaking)
Bird-watching :

Explore the variety of birdlife in the Andamans, including a chance to spot some of the many endemic species. Within a few minutes from our resort, you can see species ranging from the white-browed mynah & magpie robin to white-rumped munias, brown shrikes, white-bellied sea eagles, whimbrels, black-naped orioles, long-tailed parakeets, chestnut-headed bee-eaters and Andaman specialties like vernal parrots, Andaman crake and Andaman serpent eagle (and a few LBJ warblers which have us baffled). Pack your Leicas! A scope is very nice if you want to enjoy good views.

We can lend you a scope, binos or a field-guide, if you want.

Beach barbeques:
We offer catered beach lunches for groups who want to combine a day of snorkeling and/or hiking with some pampering on the beach. We also offer romantic, candle-lit dinners for 2 (with domestic and imported wines, subject to availability) on the beach - an experience to remember and cherish!
Hiking :
The outdoor enthusiast will find a variety of short walking trails in Havelock, some leading to hilltops and others to secluded beaches. Combine that with a picnic hamper and have a wonderful day of solitude.
Village and cultural tours :

Interested in experiencing a day in the life of a traditional Andamani fisherman, or checking out the sights and sounds of Indian villages? Speak to us about arranging a trip. We can even do homestays, with prior arrangement. A portion of the profits from these tours are donated to NGOs that are working ceaselessly to improve the lives of the locals.

NOTE: We are temporarily not offering this activity


We DO NOT offer trips to see tribals. It is exploitation, and we will not be a part of it, nor will we encourage it in any shape, way or form. Please do not ask us about it.

We also reserve the right to cancel the booking, at any time (including mid-stay), of any guest who we believe is arranging an illegal tour to see the tribals. This is not negotiable or open for discussion.

Our islands are under threat due to the growth of tourism in a manner that far exceeds the limited facilities and infrastructure.This is made worse by unscrupulous operators, who don't mind ruining the very hand of Nature that feeds them. By providing a more responsible alternative and involving local bodies in all our activities, we are trying to ensure that tourism benefits not large corporations, but the islands and islanders in a manner that can be sustained over the long-term.

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